Discovering Linworth: A Look at the History and Modern-Day Charms of this Columbus Suburb

Linworth is a small unincorporated community located within the Columbus Metropolitan Area, just a few miles north of the city of Columbus.

Originally settled in the early 1800s, Linworth was named after the prominent Linworth family, who were early landowners and farmers in the area. The community grew slowly over the years, but in the mid-20th century, the population of the area began to increase rapidly due to the development of new residential subdivisions.

Today, Linworth is a quiet residential community with a mix of older homes and newer developments. The area is known for its excellent schools, beautiful parks, and recreational opportunities. The nearby Olentangy River provides opportunities for fishing and boating, while the community's numerous parks offer opportunities for hiking, biking, and picnicking.

Despite its proximity to Columbus, Linworth has managed to maintain its small-town feel and sense of community. The residents of Linworth take pride in their community and work hard to preserve its natural beauty and rural charm.

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